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Walking through the burbs’ playing with my new lens. 


Counting down Scotland to six weeks now. Hope my photographs are anything close to this beautiful. Finally shipped my friend in Montana back her pro camera and after much deliberation over the Iceland outtakes, I have decided to jump into the deep end and buy my own pro pack for travel photography. Thinking a Mark III. I can’t just up and skip off to Scotland without one, now can I? No. The home in the first image is basically my dream home. I might not come back to the States. I might leave my life for that of a Scottish rancher instead.

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somebody told me that you made a text post that looked like a text post i made in february of last year


mixed pale ☼

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You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.
Ernest Hemmingway (via circumarticulation)




Keng Lye - Alive without Breath (2013) - Hyperrealistic sea animals created using acrylics and epoxy resin, layer by layer


I will reblog this artist’s works every time it comes on my dash omfg

No fucking way

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it’s so hard hiding the truth from your friends…

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I remember how my ex used to do that when she was sad, she sat on my lap and wrapped her legs around my waist and just kept kissing my neck softly and slowly and i stroked her back for like 2 hours without saying anything and that’s all and i really fucking miss her.

this. is. so. beautiful. i’m in love with this picture. what have happened to you?

oh my god

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Oh d-d-d-dear.